Culinaria Group.

March 11, 2009

Chef Greg Grossman

Who is this kid, Greg Grossman? First popping up in full page color in the N.Y. Post, Pulse Section (followed a week later by none other than the amazing Gordon Ramsay) I got to personally meet him at the James Beard Foundation Benefit “Chefs and Champagne” Award Ceremony for Wolfgang Puck this past summer in the Hamptons.

Seeing him speaking to press, I decided to trail after him as he spoke to chefs at tasting tables. Many people seemed to know him (living in the Hampton’s) but listening to the conversations he had about food, ingredients and methods of preparation with some of the top talents in the food service industry was pretty incredible.

For a young man of 13, he was gracious , funny and extremely mature for his age. I asked him for a card, Chef Greg Grossman of Greg Grossman Catering but I already knew about the catering crews he put together for some local high end Hampton’s events as well as him working in kitchens and cooking dinners for private familys. He ran into a person who actually thanked him for a recipe he emailed her!

Striped Bass, Local Fruit Gastrique, Mango Foam , Saba Crudo

There was an impressive interview on Plum

TV with Chef Michael Romano of Union Square Hospitality Group where young Mr. Grossman was erudite and respectful after preparing 3 amazing dishes right on the set with his Waring cooktop and ISI cream whipper of course, served on his favorite Steelite dishes.

So, I was not surprised to see Greg at the NY ….at the Javits Center a few weeks ago. He said he was there to visit suppliers that he has become friendly with and meet new vendors that he could introduce to members of the 3 web…he administrates…with almost 4,000 members and soon to double if he convinces 2 other sites to join forces.

What I did find out was that Greg is passionate about helping raise money for charity, and works for free to help any charitable effort that might need him. He wants to plan a fundraiser this summer for Share our Strength, the group that raises money to feed children in the U.S. and backed wholeheartedly by many in the Food Service industry.

After seeing him again, I made it my goal to set up an interview over the phone yesterday. Chef Grossmans newest project is Culinaria Group.( Though Culinaria Group web presence is under construction, that does not stop young Greg from reaching out, making connections and continuing his knowledge of cooking with the wonderful people he has been able to meet. Culinaria Group is a culinary testing and promotion company, that will help chefs around the world get connected with new techniques, recipes, ingredients, and equipment, in order complete Molecular Gastronomy oriented tasks in commercial and home kitchens world-wide. “Our mission is to teach, develop, learn and promote” Grossman said. Through the grape vine, I also heard that a TV show is in the works, Greg had no comment. I think we will be seeing a lot of this young man.

Greg was heard saying, “ This is a very tough economy and people in the business need to help each other. We need to come up with creative ideas especially in the food industry to protect our farmer, manufacturers and suppliers. People all around the world are starving and most people don’t even realize that so many children in this country go to bed hungry. If we all figure out how to help each other then we can make sure we have the ability to be charitable and help others while keeping our businesses healthy. Development is important, and we are here to connect chefs with new technologies to enhance THEIR dishes and the DINERS experiences. Molecular Gastronomy is not a way of changing food, but enhancing it, and we will do everything in our power to keep it fresh, and delicious.”

Keep it up Greg!



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